Airtight Membrane Installation

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Poorly Performing and Leaky Buildings...

A Leaky building can account for as much as 40% of heat loss through cracks and gaps in the building envelope (walls, windows, floor and roof) resulting in an increase of energy consumption at a great financial cost to you and an increase in the production harmful green-house gases which contribute to climate change.

Costing You Money...

The vast majority of Irish homes and buildings perform extremely poorly in this regard and can leak the buildings entire volume of air as much as 12 TIMES EVERY HOUR, that's air that you have paid to heat with your hard earned money, just seeping needlessly out through cracks and gaps in the building envelope. This means that you have to heat the entire volume of air in your home or building 12 TIMES EVERY HOUR just to maintain a constant temperature resulting in higher heating bills and increased production of harmful green-house gases. This problem becomes apparent when you have had your heating on all day and your home or building is nice and warm, but when you knock the heating off it doesn't take long for your home or building to become cold again..


  • Expertly Trained and Certified Technicians, giving You Peace of Mind.
  • Friendly, Knowledgeable and Professional Technicians.
  • All Works are Guaranteed and Fully Insured giving YOU further peace of mind.
  • Reduced Heating Bills.
  • Reduced Production of Harmful Green-House Gasses. 
  • Draft-Free Home or Building.
  • Improved Thermal Comfort.
  • Improved Efficiency of the Thermal Insulation Layer.
  • Elimination of moisture ingress into the building structure causing major structural damage.

Even in newly constructed homes and buildings, built to current Irish Building Regulations, the Air Change Rate (ACH) or Air Leakage of the building can be as high as 5 TIMES PER HOUR. This level of air leakage also will result in increased heating bills and an unnecessary waste of your hard earned money. It is true that walls that have had plaster applied to them can act as the buildings Airtight Layer but this method is unreliable. During the construction or renovation phase all the different trades will have to drill holes in the plastered walls in order to run their pipes and wires to the home or building to provide you with all the services such as hot water, heating and electricity thus compromising your buildings Airtight Layer. The Airtight Layer is further compromised when pictures, TV's and kitchen units etc.. are hung on walls using nails and screws.

This Can Be Avoided...

This can be avoided by installing an Airtight Membrane on the WARM side of your buildings Thermal Insulation layer, a 50mm "service cavity" is then constructed in front of your Airtight layer to allow the placement of pipework and wiring leaving your Airtight layer intact.  Any penetration of the Airtight layer that does occur is sealed using specially designed grommets ensuring that your building remains Airtight. 

Just Makes Sense...

Whether you are building to the Passive Standard or not, maintaining a good Airtight layer is vital to constructing a sustainable and energy efficient building. Adopting the Airtight Membrane and Service Cavity approach provides the perfect solution to the Air-tightness problem and it can truly be considered a sustainable measure because not only does having an Airtight Membrane installed on your building help reduce energy consumption and CO2 production and safeguarding against Fuel Price Increases but it will also continue to save you money for the LIFETIME of your building.    

When it can be installed...

It is best to engage your air tightness contractor at the design phase of your project or at the very least, the earliest possible stage of construction. The Airtight Membrane is typically installed at the first fix phase of construction as it forms the inner skin of the building. Also if you are renovating your home or building this is the perfect opportunity to have Airtight Membrane installed.

Airtight Membrane can also be used in conjunction with a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery system, using the Airtight Membrane in your build achieves a high level of Air Tightness, so using the HRV system is the perfect whole house ventilation solution.

You can contact Passive Airtight Solutions and we can send our technician out to your site to answer any questions you may have with regards the installation process and to provide you with a free no obligation quote.

What To Expect...

When a Passive Airtight Solutions technician calls to your site you can be sure he is Certified and Registered as a Passive House Tradesperson, (you can find the Passive House Tradesperson register HERE). All our technicians are expertly trained by the Passive House Institute to install Airtight Membrane on your building whether it is a single dwelling, apartments, school or office building, Passive Airtight Solutions has the solution for you. 

At Passive Airtight Solutions we only use the best materials on the market such as the PRO CLIMA INTELLO PLUS AIRTIGHT MEMBRANE, ISOVER and AMPAC AIRTIGHT MEMBRANES and SIGA TAPES and SEALANTS ensuring that you get quality results every time. These materials have been tested and proved to last the lifetime of your building thus ensuring that your building will remain Airtight and Leak Free saving you many thousands of Euros over the lifetime of your building.

So when Passive Airtight Solutions installs Airtight Membrane on your home or building we can reduce the Air Changes per hour (ACH) to as little as 0.5 at 50 Pa pressure, that's less than ONCE PER HOUR, resulting in a Draft Free Warmer and Less Leaky building that will cost you far less to heat than a typical building that is constructed to today's current building regulations. 

Having an Airtight Membrane installed on your home or building will also improve the efficiency of the buildings Thermal Insulation Layer by blocking air from penetrating into the insulation layer which can have a negative impact on its performance and efficiency.

So if you are a Self Builder, Architect or Building Contractor constructing new buildings or renovating existing buildings call Passive Airtight Solutions and we can help you Build Tight and Airtight Right, making your project stand out from the rest. 

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