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Passive Airtight Solutions - Working with you to build a greener future!

Whether you are a self builder building a one-off project or an Architect or Building Developer working on large multi-unit projects anywhere in Ireland, Passive Airtight Solutions can work with you to help you achieve your goal of constructing Sustainable Buildings for the future. All our work is guaranteed and fully insured !

We Operate Nationwide !

Air leakage in NEW and EXISTING buildings can account for as much as 40% of heat loss, with some houses leaking the entire volume of the buildings air 12 TIMES PER HOUR,  leading to increased energy consumption and increased production of harmful green-house gases. 

At Passive Airtight Solutions, our staff are specially trained and certified by the Passive House Institute, the world's leading authority on sustainable buildings. Our highly experienced staff specialise in installing airtight membranes tapes and airtight window tapes.

We have worked with some of the biggest developers in Ireland including BAM, JJ Rhatigan, Flynn, Vision Contracting, to name but a few, as well as various County Councils throughout Ireland. We have also worked with hundreds of self-builds to help our clients to comply with the new building regulations pertaining to the Near Zero Energy Buildings or NZEB.


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Calls us on  086 0302699  for your free quote!                                             Email us at info@passivesolutions.ie